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What Does Ancestor Artist Do?

Our artists and historical researchers pool their talents to create beautiful color portraits from black-and-white photos of your ancestors. These portraits are painted with high-quality pastels on archival-quality paper. They are shipped with the utmost care, ready for framing by the customer.

Ancestor Artist Portrait Sample 1

We determine appropriate wardrobe colors using vintage advertisements and catalogs, industrial manuals and archival materials documenting fashion history.

In the case of visible equipment or accessories (such as the miner’s head lamp), we conduct historical research in an attempt to determine accurate materials and designs.

Hair color, eye color and skin tone are chosen in consultation with the client.

The resulting color portrait offers a realistic idea of how your ancestors may have looked “in living color.”

Ancestor Artist Portrait Sample 2

About Our Portraits

In order to create your portrait, we must work from a photo that shows - at the very least - basic facial features. Most ancestor photos are black-and-white, and that's fine! Do try, however, to provide a picture that is in focus and offers a relatively detailed view of your ancestor's face.

For more specifics on photo requirements and our portrait process, read our complete AncestorArtist.com guidelines.

Standard-sized finished portraits are 9" by 12". They are sprayed with a fixative but this will NOT protect pastel portraits completely. Upon receipt of your portrait it is strongly recommended that you have it framed to protect it for years to come. Additionally, choose a place to display your portrait that never receives direct sunlight. (This is true of all art, not just pastels.)

Typical turnaround is two to three weeks, however, longer wait times are possible due to holidays and other factors. We will provide a more precise delivery date when you place your order.

Payment for all portrait orders is due in advance. The fee is $135 per single-subject 9" x 12" portrait. This price includes sales tax and shipping in the U.S. (Larger sizes are available and are priced on an individual basis. Use the contact form or Facebook Messenger below to inquire.)

To order, please use the PayPal "buy now" button on this page (which facilitates debit and credit card payments, even if you don't have a PayPal account.)

Order a Portrait

9" X 12" Portrait - $135.00

Price includes sales tax and shipping.

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About Ancestor Artist

Well-known non-fiction author and historical researcher Stephanie Hoover (Hoover Communications) is the principal partner in AncestorArtist.com. Stephanie's contributions to the field of genealogy are wide-ranging, but the ability to launch a new and unique genealogy-related service is a point of particular pride.

As part of her commitment to "Buy American," unlike other portrait services, Stephanie guarantees that all artworks and research created under the AncestorArtist.com umbrella are generated in the United States. For more information, contact us or send us a message via Facebook.